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Products covered: Electrogalvanized Hot Rolled and Cold Reduced Carbon Steel Sheets and Strips — Specification; Indian Standards: IS 17404: 2020. (For details, please see Table 1 of the draft Order attached)

The Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) second Order, 2020 (2 page(s), in English)

This Order seeks to ensure conformity to Steel & Steel Products listed in the Table-1 to the specified Indian Standards. The Order makes it mandatory for all manufacturers in India and all the manufacturers abroad who intend to export to India, of Steel and Steel Products as given in the Table-1 of the Order, to obtain valid license from the Bureau of Indian Standards, for use of Standard Mark, before commencement of regular production of such items. Further, no person shall manufacture, import, distribute, sell, hire, lease, store or exhibit for sale any steel & steel products given in the said Table-1, which do not conform to the specified standards and do not bear standard mark of the Bureau.