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Processed Food

Regulation of National Agency of Drug and Food Control on Processed Food Labelling

This draft regulation is the amendment to Regulation of the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority Number 31 of 2018 on Processed Food Labelling. Proposed provisions on the draft regulation include:

·         Labelling requirements for Business-to-Business products;

·         Inclusion of Quantitative Ingredients Declaration;

·         Labelling of alcohol information;

·         Labelling of food additives sold in retail;

·         Halal labelling information and certification;

·         Allergen information;

·         Inclusion of information related to environmental sustainability and/or the packaging;

·         Inclusion of information to distinguish the quality of processed food; and

·         Assessment of the inclusion of information currently not being regulated on food labelling.

Processed food products that have been distributed must comply with this labelling regulation no later than 12 (twelve) months after this regulation is stipulated.