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Industrial products and/or services

Regulation of Minister of Industry No. 45 Year 2022 regarding Standardization of Industry; (85 page(s), in Indonesian)

Regulation of Minister of Industry Number 45 Year 2022 stipulates provision of Industrial Standardization which are carried out in the form Indonesian National Standard (SNI), Technical Specification (ST) and/or Guideline (PTC). The formulation of SNI will be based on the provisions of the legislation. In this regulation, the mandatory enforcement of SNI, ST, and/or PTC is stipulated by the Minister and the voluntary implementation of SNI is carried out by Industrial Company for goods and/or services.

The conformity assessment Procedure of SNI, ST, and/or PTC which is enforced compulsorily by the Minister will be carried out by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB's) that has been accredited according to its scope and appointed by the Minister. The appointed CAB consists of:

a. Products Certification Bodies

b. Testing Laboratories; and/or

c. Inspection Bodies.

In terms of domestic and foreign Products Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories; and/or Inspection Bodies, the conformity assessment results can be recognized as long as there is a mutual recognition agreement between countries in the field of technical regulations in accordance with regulatory provisions of the legislation.

This regulation covers 11 Chapters, such as:

1. Chapter I General requirements

2. Chapter II Industrial Standardization Planning

3. Chapter III The Formulation of Industry Standard

4. Chapter IV The Implementation and Enforcement of the Industrial Sector

5. Chapter V The Appointment of a Conformity Assessment Bodies

6. Chapter VI Conformity Assessment

7. Chapter VII Coaching

8. Chapter VIII Industrial Standardization Development

9. Chapter IX Supervision

10. Chapter X Industry Standard Supervisor

11. Chapter XI Transitional Provisions