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  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit

Occupational safety. Industrial hygiene (ICS 13.100)

The Ministerial Decree No. 221/2021 (2 pages, in Arabic) mandating the Egyptian Standard ES 8471 for "Occupational health and safety- table of hazard materials and their handling" (661 page(s), in Arabic)

The Ministerial Decree No. 221/2021 (2 pages, in Arabic) gives the producers and importers a six-month transitional period to abide by the Egyptian Standard ES 8471.

This standard is concerned with clarifying a table in which the hazardous materials are listed.

This table is used in the case of transport and handling of hazardous materials. The table specifies the hazard class for the hazardous materials, methods of transportation, and the proper shipping name. It also specifies the type and capacity of packing containers and the quantities that can be shipped on ships boards or aircraft for each hazardous substance. This table is used by: 1- Any person transporting hazardous materials. 2- Any means of transportation for these hazardous materials by sea, air or railway. 3- Any person responsible for packing or labelling of hazardous materials.

Worth mentioning is that this standard complies with 49 CRF 172.101 (2019) - Purpose and use of hazardous materials table