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Plastics pipes (ICS 23.040.20)

Ministerial Decree No.1093/2019 (1 page, in Arabic) mandating the Egyptian Standard ES 8296 "Fiberglass (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting-Resin) Sewer and Industrial Pressure Pipe" (18 page(s), in English)

The Ministerial Decree No.1093/2019 gives the producers and importers a six-month transitional period to abide by the Egyptian standard ES 8296 which covers machine-made fiber glass pipe, 8 in. (200 mm) through 156 in. (4000 mm), for use in pressure systems for conveying sanitary sewage, storm water, and many industrial wastes, and corrosive fluids. Both glass-fiber-reinforced thermosetting-resin pipe (RTRP) and glass-fiber-reinforced polymer mortar pipe (RPMP) are fiberglass pipes. This standard is suited primarily for pipes to be installed in buried applications, although it may be used to the extent applicable for other installations such as, but not limited to, jacking, tunnel lining and slip-lining and rehabilitation of existing pipelines. Pipe covered by this specification is intended to operate at internal gage pressures of 450 psi (3103 kPa) or less. Worth mentioning is that this standard adopts the technical content of ASTM D3754 - 14.

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