DK Dänemark
  • 65 - Landwirtschaft
  • 31 - Düngemittel

FERTILISERS (HS code(s): 31); Fertilizers (ICS code(s): 65.080) Urease inhibitors

Title i Danish: Udkast til bekendtgørelse om jordbrugsvirksomheders anvendelse af gødning

Title in English: Draft of statutory order on farm enterprises' use of fertilisers; (34 page(s), in Danish)

The draft will replace the current statutory order no. 1142 of 10 July 2022 on farm enterprises' usage of fertilisers. With the new draft, a number of rules are changed. The changes are mainly minor clarifications and adjustments.

The notification under the WTO TBT agreement relates to section 8, subsection 1 and 2. Section 8 contains requirements for the application of artificial fertilisers containing urea-based nitrogen in order to prevent ammonia emissions. Addition of urease inhibitor to artificial fertilisers is one possible method to fulfill the requirements. With the proposed amendment to the statutory order, the urease inhibitor is required to be CE marked.