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  • 65 - Landwirtschaft
  • 71 - Chemische Verfahrenstechnik

No particular product-code, as the rules cover a multitude of pesticides and biocides.

Bekendtgørelse om bekæmpelsesmidler

A ban on selling concentrated pesticides and biocides to private individuals is introduced. In future, non-professionals may only use pesticides that are sold as ready-to-use or are low-risk agents. The amendment replaces a requirement that concentrated pesticides must be stored behind locks.

The storage regulations, which currently regulate toxic and highly toxic pesticides as well as pesticides with safety phrase P 405, are extended to pesticides with serious long-term effects, which are pesticides with CMR substances.

The rules that toxic and highly toxic pesticides must not be used in private gardens and in other outdoor areas that are publicly available or for the treatment of plantings in public roads or in private gardens are extended to pesticides and biocides with serious long-term effects, meaning they contain CMR substances. The rules have been like this before, so they are changed back to how it was in 2011, as the subsequent changes in the definition have created uncertainty about the rules.

A new section 45 on the publication of harmonized risk indicators and a new reference for the establishment of harmonized risk indicators is inserted in the EU note at the bottom of the notice.

The exertion of rat control is punishable, without an authorization. It is not new. The revision is done solely to ensure that the Danish authorities can now use the proper referral when enforcing.

The fee rates for applications received by 15 January 2020 have been updated. There are not expected to be any consequences for either the public or the business community, because these are price and wage adjustments based on the calculations of tariffs.

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