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  • 06 - Lebende Pflanzen und Waren des Blumenhandels

HS code 0602; ICS code 65.020.20

Proyecto de Resolución para regular en plantas para plantar, excepto semillas, la plaga Diabrotica undecimpunctata Mannerheim 1843, en todos los hospedantes reportados y de todos los países en los que está presente la plaga (Draft Resolution regulating the pest Diabrotica undecimpunctata Mannerheim 1843 in plants for planting, other than seeds, of all reported hosts and from all countries in which the pest is present) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 5

The notified draft Resolution establishes mandatory phytosanitary measures for the importation of plants for planting (other than seeds) of all reported hosts of the pest Diabrotica undecimpunctata, originating in any country where the presence of the pest has been reported.