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  • 27 - Energietechnik, Wärmeübertragungstechnik
  • 84 - Kernreaktoren, Kessel, Maschinen, Apparate und mechanische Geräte; Teile dieser Maschinen oder Apparate

Submersible motor-pumps; (HS: 8413); (ICS: 27.010)

National Standards of the P.R.C., Minimum Allowable Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Submersible Motor-pumps (8 page(s), in Chinese)

This document specifies the energy efficiency grades, energy efficiency limits and test methods of submersible motor-pumps.

This document applies to:

a. single-phase or three-phase, single-stage or multi-stage small-size submersible motor-pumps with power less than or equal to 22 kW; 

b. the submersible pumps for deep well that are integrated with a pump and a submersible motor for deep well submerged into the water to extract clean water;

c. single-phase or three-phase waste submersible motor-pumps that transport all kinds of sewage or mixed liquids containing insoluble solid phases such as silt, fiber, manure, river mud and fertilizer; 

d. mixed flow submersible motor-pumps that transport clear water or other liquids similar to clear water; large and medium-sized submersible motor-pumps with power larger than 22 kW.