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Processed animal products

Modifica Resolución Exenta No. 91/2022, Que establece productos de origen animal que no requieren visto bueno del SAG para su ingreso a Chile (Amendment to Exempt Resolution No. 91/2022, specifying animal products not requiring approval by the SAG for entry into Chile). Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 2

The notified measure amends Exempt Resolution No. 91/2022, as follows:

(I) In Article 1, subparagraph (h) has been amended to remove the words "cattle, horses, sheep and pigs";

(II) In Article 1, the following subparagraphs (k), (l) and (m) have been added:

k.   Ash of cremated animals;

l.    Purified nucleic acids, purified antibodies, cytochromes, semen extenders, enzymes, lactic ferments or cultures, purified gelatin, cell lines, culture media, plates coated with inactivated antigens, beta-propiolactone, tissues fixed in formalin, fixed histological sections, saline solutions and trypsin in its various forms;

m. Products required by SAG for laboratory testing purposes or other official activities;

(III) A new article has been added:

"2. All of the above products do not require SAG import processing to enter Chile, irrespective of the quantity and route of entry (passenger/mail/courier/freight). This is without prejudice to the specific requirements of the National Customs Service."

Further details can be found in the document attached to this notification.