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  • 65 - Landwirtschaft

a.    Bile and culture media that contain elements of animal origin;

b.    Beeswax;

c.     Dried and salted meat ("charqui");

d.    Preserves;

e.    Bovine, equine, ovine and porcine hides, with the exception of tanned, semi-tanned, wet-blue and pickled hides, which shall not require sanitary certification for entry;

f.     Royal jelly or propolis;

g.    Wool;

h.    Used livestock material;

i.      Birds' feathers, bristles, horsehair and animal hairs;

j.     Animal blood, serum and plasma for in vitro use;

k.    Bovine tendons, cartilage and diaphragm pillars;

l.     Pig fat, edible pig skin and raw bovine fat;

m.  Trophies, museum pieces, animal bones, hooves, horns and antlers and goods containing such items.

Define productos pecuarios que sólo requieren presentar certificación sanitaria ante el Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (Definition of the livestock products for which only a sanitary certificate must be submitted to the Agriculture and Livestock Service) Language(s): Spanish Number of pages: 2

Among the animal health requirements for importation into Chile, a list has been drawn up of livestock products that, although required to comply with sanitary requirements, do not need to undergo approval processes. However, in certain cases, the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) may require additional information or establish authorization systems, should there be a change in the health risks presented by the livestock products specified in the draft measure