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Thermal power plants

Anteproyecto de la Norma de Emisión para Centrales Termoeléctricas, elaborado a partir de la revisión del Decreto Supremo Nº13, de 2011, del Ministerio del Medio Ambiente (Preliminary draft emission Standard for thermal power plants, prepared based on the review of Supreme Decree No. 13 of 2011 of the Ministry of the Environment) (19 pages, in Spanish)

The purpose of the notified emission Standard is to control air emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, mercury, nickel and vanadium, with a view to protecting human health and the environment.

The emissions limits established under the notified Standard apply to power-generating units, consisting of boilers or turbines, with a thermal input greater than or equal to 50 MWt (megawatts thermal, taking into account the maximum limit of the fuel's energy value). Compliance with the maximum emission limits will be verified in the effluent of the emitting source, which may come from one or more power-generating units. The notified emission Standard will apply across Chile.