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Horses under the temporary admission regime

Proyecto de resolución que establece exigencias sanitarias para la internación de équidos a Chile bajo el régimen de admisión temporal y deroga resolución n° 8.577 de 2013 (Draft resolution establishing sanitary requirements for equine animals entering Chile under the temporary admission regime and repealing Resolution No. 8.577 of 2013)

The draft resolution sets forth the following specific sanitary requirements for horses entering Chile under the temporary admission regime, for up to 30 days, to take part in competitions or exhibitions.

A non-exhaustive summary of the provisions of the draft is provided below.

1.    The resolution contains three points with sanitary requirements regarding the horses and their country of origin or countries through which they transited in the preceding 90 days and makes reference to the following diseases: African horse sickness, equine infectious anaemia, equine encephalomyelitis (Eastern, Western and Venezuelan), piroplasmosis, equine influenza, glanders, rhinopneumonitis, Japanese encephalitis, strangles (Streptococcus equi), Borna disease; glanders and rabies;

2.    There are six points on sanitary requirements applicable at the time of shipment and diagnostic tests and/or vaccinations required within 30 days before shipment;

3.    The diagnostic tests indicated must be performed in official or officially recognized laboratories;

4.    The animals may not have been vaccinated with live virus vaccines, except in the case of Herpes virus types I and IV, if applicable:

5.    A thorough clinical inspection at the time of shipment;

6.    Internal and external antiparasitic treatment seven days before shipment, as set forth;

7.    Requirements regarding pre-shipment transfer, under official supervision, and biosafety and animal welfare requirements;

8.    Requirements regarding the content of the official health certificate;

9.    Microchip identification satisfying the ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 international standards;

10.  Minimum three-day quarantine upon entry into Chile, and diagnostic tests deemed necessary may be performed;

11.  The stay in Chile will be officially monitored and at a location previously authorized by the SAG;

12.  Provisions on the place and period of isolation;

13.  Prohibition on breeding and/or semen collection;

14.  Three points refer to the obligations of the organizers of the competition or exhibition;

15.  The admission of the horses may also be subject to other rules in effect in Chile on the prevention and control of animal diseases; Repeal of SAG Resolution No. 8.577 of 2013.