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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

All mixed foodstuffs that might inadvertently be contaminated with an allergen. The allergen must be below the tolerable upper limit.

Ordonnance du DFI concernant l'information sur les denrées alimentaires. Language(s): French. Number of pages: 2

Producers are allowed to voluntarily indicate potential allergens (traces or unintentional mixtures) whose content is below the defined maximum level. Only in this cases it is allowed to use general terms such as "nuts", "hard-shelled fruit" or "edible nut" for allergens according to Annex 6 number 8 of the Ordinance on labelling of food stuffs or "cereals containing gluten" for allergens according to Annex 6 number 1 in such a case. It should be noted that the presence of peanuts must always be indicated separately as they are botanically and allergologically different from nuts (Annex 6 item 5).