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Phytosanitary products (customs tariff heading 3808)

Amendment of Annexes 1 to the Ordinance on phytosanitary products (OPPh)

The Ordinance on phytosanitary products (RS 916.161, OPPh) was notified in document G/SPS/N/CHE/82 of 19 December 2019. The OPPh establishes conditions for the placing on the market of phytosanitary products. Annex 1 to the OPPh contains a list of active substances that may be used as phytosanitary products in Switzerland. A new substance is included in this Annex if, once the application accompanying the request has been examined, it meets the conditions established in Article 5. The following amendment of the OPPh includes new substances and removes several substances from Annex 1, as stipulated in the attached draft document.