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All product containing traces of GMO being authorised according to EU Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003

Ordinance on Foodstuffs and Utility Articles (Foodstuffs Ordinance) (FSO); FDHA Ordinance on Genetically Modified Foodstuffs (GMFO)

The changes concern the labelling requirements for foodstuffs in the Foodstuffs Ordinance (Article 37 (4) and (5)). Foods of animal origin may be labelled with the new wording "without GMO" if the animals have neither been fed with genetically modified forage nor with products obtained from such material.

In addition, the licensing requirements for products obtained from GMOs that are separated from the microorganism, purified and chemically defined, and which are produced in a closed system in accordance with Article 3 letter h of the Containment Ordinance (SR 814.912) (so-called fermentation products such as vitamin B12), will now be governed by the regulations on novel foods (Articles 16-17 and 19 LGV).