CH Schweiz
  • 84 - Kernreaktoren, Kessel, Maschinen, Apparate und mechanische Geräte; Teile dieser Maschinen oder Apparate
  • 85 - Elektrische Maschinen und Apparate und andere elektrotechnische Waren sowie Teile davon; Tonaufnahme- oder Tonwiedergabegeräte, Fernsehbild- und Fernsehtonaufzeichnungs- oder -wiedergabegeräte sowie Teile und Zubehör für diese Geräte

Combined refrigerator-freezers, with separate external doors (HS code(s): 841810); - Refrigerators, household type : (HS code(s): 84182); Freezers of the upright type, of a capacity <= 900 l (HS code(s): 841840); Machinery, plant and equipment for making hot drinks or for cooking or heating food (excl. domestic appliances) (HS code(s): 841981); - Dish washing machines : (HS code(s): 84221); - Drying machines : (HS code(s): 84512); Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters (HS code(s): 851610); - Electric space heating apparatus and electric soil heating apparatus : (HS code(s):
85162); Electric ovens, cookers, cooking plates and boiling rings, electric grillers and roasters, for domestic use (excl. space-heating stoves and microwave ovens) (HS code(s): 851660)

Draft Energy Efficiency Ordinance

The present addendum only concerns the requirements for commercial dishwashers. Originally, integrated heat recovery was proposed as a minimum requirement for commercial dishwashers. Due to the comments received from the industry, this requirement was abandoned in favour of an obligation to publish standardised measured values for energy and water consumption. The product information must be provided in the technical documentation and on a freely accessible website of the supplier or manufacturer. However, it is not required that the values are shown in sales offers or on the appliances themselves (as is known from the energy label). The obligation enters into force on 1 January 2024. Products that do not meet the requirement may still be sold during a 12-month transition period until 31 December 2024.