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  • 01 - Allgemeines, Terminologie, Normung, Dokumentation
  • B10 - Bauprodukte

All products, services and processes that are subject to a conformity assessment procedure; Product and company certification

Ordinance 404, 28 August 2019. (10 page(s), in Portuguese)

Proposes improvements in the criteria and procedures for the registration of products, inputs and services under Inmetro's regulatory scope and which compliance is compulsorily assessed. The registration of products constitutes, in the form of the Law, the act by which Inmetro authorizes, subject to the existence of a Certificate of Compliance, the use of the Compliance Identification Label and the marketing of the product or input or the provision of the service. It revokes Inmetro Ordinance 512, 11 November 2016.