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  • 13 - Umwelt, Gesundheitsschutz, Sicherheit
  • 65 - Landwirtschaft
  • 07 - Gemüse, Pflanzen, Wurzeln und Knollen
  • 09 - Kaffee, Tee, Mate und Gewürze
  • 12 - Ölsaaten und ölhaltige Früchte; verschiedene Samen und Früchte; Pflanzen zum Gewerbe- oder Heilgebrauch; Stroh und Futter

HS Code(s): 071010, 09, 1201; ICS Code(s): 13, 65

Draft resolution number 853, 23 June 2020, regarding the active ingredient F69 - FLUPIRADIFURONE (flupyradifurone) of the Monograph List of Active Ingredients for Pesticides, Household Cleaning Products and Wood Preservers, published by Resolution - RE n° 165 of 29 August 2003, on the Brazilian Official Gazette (DOU - Diário Oficial da União) of 2 September 2003. Language(s): Portuguese. Number of pages: 3

This Draft resolution incorporates the following changes for the active ingredient F69 – FLUPIRADIFURONE (flupyradifurone) from the Relation of Monographies of Active Ingredients of Pesticides, Household Cleaning Products and Wood Preservers, all in the modality of foliar use (application):

-         changes the safety security period of the potato culture from 7 to 3 days;

-         changes the MRL of the coffee culture from 0,5 to 1,5 mg/kg;

-         includes the soya culture with MRL of 0,4 mg/kg and safety security period 14 days;

-         changes the phrase at item "i" from "class III (medium toxic)" to "specific for each product, in compliance with article 38 of the Resolution - RDC number 294, 29 July 2019";

-         changes the phrase at item "j": "for the purpose of residue definition for conformity to MRL and for the dietary risk assessment it will be considered the ingredient flupyradifurone and its metabolite acid difluoroacetic (DFA), expressed as flupyradifurone";

-         includes the phrase: "acute reference dose (ARfD)=0,2 mg/kg p.c. (source: JMPR, 2015)";

-         includes the phrase: "inclusion of the cultures requested by the Joint Normative Instruction number 01, 16 June 2014";

-         includes the phrase: "Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues".