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Draft Food Safety (Labelling of Packaged Food) Regulation, 2023. Language(s): English. Number of pages: 20

The draft regulation for labelling of packaged food is to protect consumers' health and safety by providing them with accurate and essential information about the food products they purchase. These regulations are put in place to ensure that food manufacturers and distributors comply with specific standards when it comes to labelling their products. The drafting process of this regulation is mainly done by comparing the existing regulation with internationally followed guidelines by CODEX and regulations from India and European Union (EU). The regulations include labelling, general conditions of labelling of packaged food, labelling requirements such as The name of the food, List of Ingredients, Declaration regarding Food Additives, Quantitative Ingredients Declaration, Special conditions for labelling of packaged food creating allergies or Intolerances, Nutritional Information, Declaration of name and complete address of manufacturer or FBO, Country of Origin for Imported Foods, Date Marking, etc.