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  • 94 - Möbel; medizinisch-chirurgisches Mobiliar; Bettzeug und dergleichen; Beleuchtungskörper, anderweit weder genannt noch inbegriffen; Reklameleuchten, Leuchtschilder und ähnliche Waren; vorgefertigte Gebäude

The ACCC has recommended the Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Stephen Jones MP, make an information standard to cover the following products:

·        chests of drawers, cabinets, and wardrobes, with a height above 500mm

·        bookcases with a height above 600mm

·        hall tables, display cabinets, buffets and sideboards, with a height above 500mm entertainment units of any height.

Consumer Goods (Toppling Furniture) Information Standard 2023; (6 page(s), in English)

The proposed Consumer Goods (Toppling Furniture) Information Standard 2023 contains requirements for certain freestanding storage furniture products to include safety information about the hazards associated with furniture toppling and how to reduce the likelihood of an incident by:

·        affixing a permanent warning label to the furniture

·        providing safety information in the manual and/or assembly instructions highlighting the risk of toppling and the importance of anchoring, and

·        providing warnings about toppling hazards at point of sale in-store and online.