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Portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers are a hand operated device designed to extinguish certain fires. Such products generally weigh between half a kilogram and nine kilograms, but can weigh up to 23 kilograms. They may be refillable and come with a support fitting, carry handle, squeeze lever, pressure indicating device and an anti-discharge device. They also contain a different extinguishing agent depending on the type of fire the extinguisher is intended to fight. While the ACCC reviewed portable aerosol and portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers in the same consultation, it does not propose any change to portable aerosol fire extinguishers, which are subject to a separate mandatory safety standard (Consumer Protection Notice No. 9 of 2004).; - Fire extinguishers, whether or not charged (HS 842410)

Review of the mandatory safety standards for portable fire extinguishers – Consultation paper (17 page(s), in English)

The ACCC is proposing to amend the mandatory safety standard for portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers by referencing the latest voluntary Australian standard AS/NZS 1841:2007, Portable fire extinguishers, Parts 1 to 8.

The proposed standard would maintain comparable requirements to the existing standard (the Consumer Protection Notice No. 3 of 2004, which references and varies the voluntary Australian standard AS/NZS 1841:1997 Portable fire extinguishers, Parts 1 to 8) for the design, construction, performance, testing, instructions and labelling of these extinguishers.

Through reference to the latest voluntary Australian standard, it would also provide additional clarity for suppliers by introducing new requirements on filling tolerance and, provide suppliers with greater compliance options through two alternate methods for discharge testing. The attached consultation paper also outlines a proposal to address the identified regulatory duplication in Australia around the routine servicing of portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers (as prescribed by the voluntary Australian standard AS 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment), by limiting the application of the new standard to the supply of new extinguishers only. Following further consultation, this application has been expanded to apply to the supply of all new non-aerosol and all imported second-hand non-aerosol extinguishers. Therefore, it would not apply to the supply of second-hand extinguishers already supplied in Australia (i.e. those not imported).