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Food additives in jams and cereals and cereal and/or cereal-based products

Proyecto de Resolución GMC Nº 08/20 "Reglamento Técnico Mercosur de Inclusión de uso de Aditivos alimentarios" (Modificación de las Resoluciones GMC Nº 53/98, 09/07 y 34/10) (Draft Common Market Group (GMC) Resolution No. 08/20 on MERCOSUR Technical Regulation on the inclusion of the use of food additives (Amendment to GMC Resolutions Nos. 53/98, 09/07 and 34/10)) (2 pages, in Spanish)

The notified Draft Resolution updates the food additives and their maximum concentration levels for food categories 5 (jams) and 6 (cereals and cereal and/or cereal-based products).