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  • 87 - Automobile, Traktoren, Motorräder, Fahrräder und andere Landfahrzeuge; Teile und Zubehör dazu

Anchorages for safety-belts and child restraint systems; Other parts and accessories of bodies (including cabs):(HS 87082)

Proyecto de Resolución del Grupo Mercado Común: "Reglamento Técnico MERCOSUR sobre Anclajes de Cinturones de Seguridad y de los Anclajes de los Sistemas de Retención Infantil" (Draft Common Market Group Resolution: "MERCOSUR Technical Regulation on safety-belt anchorages and child restraint system anchorages") (91 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft text establishes the requirements to be met by safety-belt anchorages and child restraint system anchorages in certain motor vehicles, with a view to their circulation, approval, certification and registration.