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The proposed Regulations will apply to passenger ships in the Norwegian world heritage fjords.

Proposed Regulation concerning amendments to the Regulations on environmental safety for ships andmobile offshore units

The draft technical regulations (DTR) includes a separate regulation of emissions of the greenhouse gasescarbon dioxide and methane in the World Heritage fjords and the use of the best available technology toreduce nitrous oxide emissions.

Specifically, in the World Heritage fjords, passenger ships shall use sources of energy that do not directly emitcarbon dioxide (CO2) or methane (CH4). When using hydrogen and ammonia the criteria set out in Annex 2shall be met. If nitrous oxide (N2O) is formed when using such sources of energy, the ship shall use the bestavailable technology to reduce the emissions. The ship shall have documents on board verifying compliancewith the requirements.
The DTR is intended to enter into force on 1 January 2026. To give regional authorities and other affectedparties a realistic opportunity to adjust and adapt to the new requirements a transitional arrangement isintroduced permitting the use of biogas under certain circumstances. Up until 31 December 2035, passengerships of 10,000 gross tonnage and upwards may use biogas as a source of energy as an alternative to therequirement above.
The consultation paper is available in English here:https://www.sdir.no/en/shippin...