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This RVE (Guideline for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Railways) shall be used for noiseprotection devices on open lines, bridges, retaining walls and tubs for railway installations. This RVE applies tonew buildings as well as to conversions and refurbishment of existing facilities.

Noise protection devices – Technical requirements and dimensioning rules

This RVE shall be used for noise protection devices on open lines, bridges, retaining walls and tubs forrailway installations. This RVE applies to new buildings as well as to conversions and refurbishments ofexisting facilities.

Only noise protection devices made of materials such as aluminium and concrete are described in this RVE forwhich sufficient empirical values for construction and maintenance are already available at the time ofpreparation of the RVE.

The scope, the technical requirements and calculation rules set out in this RVE shall apply to noise protectiondevices consisting of the following components:
• Foundations (e.g. pile, drilling pile or flat foundation),
• Noise barriers,
• Noise protection elements, sound absorber panels/stones (surfacing),
• Anchorages of noise protection stands on bridge edge beams, support/lining walls and flat foundation madeof reinforced concrete with metallic fastening elements or in a storage vessel,
• service doors and service gates,
• Mounting profiles for sound absorber panels on support/lining walls, tunnel portals and in tub areas.

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