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Draft Royal Decree amending Royal Decree 256/2016 of 10 June 2016 adopting the Cement Reception Instruction(RC-16)

Royal Decree 256/2016, of 10 June 2016, adopting the Instruction for the Reception of Cements (RC-16) is theregulatory framework for the use of cements in construction, establishing the requirements that cements must comply withand regulating their reception in the works, in concrete manufacturing plants and in the manufacture of prefabricatedproducts with cements. Establishing a technical framework that is consistent with European technical standards andharmonised with the provisions relating to the free movement of construction products within the single European market.

The proposed amendment to the Cement Reception Instruction (RC-16) mainly consists of incorporating the new types ofcements covered by the voluntary European standard UNE-EN 197-5.