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Advertising, promotion, and sales of beverages with the addition of caffeine or taurine

MP’s draft Act amending the Public Health Act

The draft Act amending the Act provides:

1) Establishing regulations governing the advertising, promotion, and sales of beverages with the addition of caffeine or taurine. Advertising and promotion of energy drinks on television, radio, in cinema, and theatre between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. in youth and children’s press, on covers of newspapers and magazines, on advertising poles and boards, on posters, in IT services measures, and with the participation of young people or children shall be prohibited.
2) Introduction of prohibition of advertisements and promotion of energy drinks, the content of which is addressed to young people or children, depicts young people or children, combines consumption of energy drinks with energy and vitality, contains false information about therapeutic or energising properties of energy drinks, encourages excessive consumption, contains information about hydrating properties or evokes associations with sexual attractiveness, relaxation, learning, work, professional or life success, or sports activities.
3) Prohibition of advertising and promotion of products and services whose name, trademark, graphic shape, or packaging uses similarity or is identical to the indication of an energy drink.
4) Prohibition of selling energy drinks to persons under 18 years of age, in schools and other centres of the educational system, and in vending machines.
5) Introduction of financial penalties and restrictions on freedom for persons advertising and promoting energy drinks contrary to the provisions of the Act and for persons selling energy drinks contrary to the provisions of the Act. Forfeiture of energy drinks may also be ordered.