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Lorries and trailers, signs and other equipment for the vehicles.

The Swedish Transport Agency's regulations on technical requirements for vehicle combinations over 25.25 metres in length

The regulations are new and are issued by virtue of Chapter 4, Section 17(f) of the Swedish Road Traffic Ordinance (1998:1276), which enters into force on 31 August 2023. Chapter 4, Section 17(f), states that the Swedish Transport Administration or, if the municipality is the road operator, the municipality may provide that on a particular road, part of road or section of road, a vehicle combination, notwithstanding Section 17, may be driven with a length not exceeding 34.5 metres, including the load, provided that certain conditions are met for the vehicle combination.

One of these conditions is that the vehicle or vehicle combination meets the requirements for design or equipment as laid down by the Swedish Transport Agency. The draft regulation contains such requirements, and is particularly related to stability, space requirements, starting ability, braking system, indirect field of vision and extended wheelbase.