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Pyrotechnic articles

Decree of... amending the Fireworks Decree in connection with implementation of the Benelux Decision on the introduction of a pyro-pass and some other amendments

This amending Decree amends the Fireworks Decree to implement the pyro-pass. It implements Benelux Decision (M 2020, No 14 and amended by M 2022, No 9). The pyro-pass allows persons with specialised knowledge to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge in a cross-border context. A number of articles in this Decree may contain technical regulations.

(1) A Chapter on the pyro-pass is inserted in Section F. Article 4.1 contains the obligation for economic operators to make certain types of pyrotechnic articles available on the market only to persons with specialised knowledge, on presentation of a control document and an identity document. For persons with specialised knowledge designated as such in Benelux, the pyro-pass constitutes this control document.
(2) Article 4.2 specifies the persons eligible for a pyro-pass and regulates some aspects of the pass, such as the period of validity, application requirements and when the pyro-pass is withdrawn.
(3) Article 4.3 specifies the information and documents to be included in the pyro-pass register.
(4) Articles 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6 contain provisions on the accessibility and retention period of information in the pyro-pass register.
(5) In Article I, Section D, a period of validity of five years for the application authorisation is added.
The Fireworks Decree already contains a system of mutual recognition clauses. The amendment envisaged by this Decree shall not cause any change to this.