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Plant protection products and adjuvants and their labelling. Keeping records of their use.

Draft Decree amending Decree No 132/2018 on plant protection products and adjuvants, as amended

Act No 273/2022 amended Act No 326/2004 on phytosanitary care, which newly regulates the obligation to label plant protection products for professional users with a unique identifier and bar code, which will allow automated transmission of data on product movement to a data repository. To implement the Act, the decree regulates the technical specifications of the unique identifier and bar code, the method of sending data to the data repository and the technical and other conditions for sending data.

Another area covered by the draft decree is keeping records of the use of plant protection products or adjuvants by professional users. The basis of this obligation is transferred to the Phytosanitary Care Act by the most recent amendment to the Act. The decree will regulate the mandatory content and scope of the records, i.e. the data that the records must contain.
The Phytosanitary Care Act introduces the computerisation of records on the use of plant protection products and adjuvants. The draft Decree sets out the manner and format for the electronic transmission of records on the use of plant protection products and adjuvants.

Keywords: plant protection products, electronic records, unique identifier, 2D code

The draft Decree refers to the following international standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC):
ISO/IEC 16022:2006
ISO/IEC 15418:2016
ISO/IEC 15459-3:2014
ISO/IEC 15459-4:2014
ISO/IEC 15434:2019
ISO/IEC 15415:2011