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Products placed on the market with a compulsory or voluntary deposit fee

Government Decree laying down detailed rules on the establishment and application of deposit fees and the marketing of products with a deposit fee

The Government Decree contains detailed rules related to the mandatory deposit return scheme.

Products with a mandatory deposit fee include the consumer packaging of beverage products ready for consumption or concentrate, excluding specified milk and milk-based beverage products, where such packaging consists of plastics, metals or glass and comes in the form of bottles or cans, either reusable or non-reusable, of a capacity of 0 to 6 litres. In order to encourage the public to return their bottles and cans and to finance the deposit return scheme, the draft provides for the refund of the deposit for products with a compulsory deposit fee. Consumers are entitled to a refund of the deposit if they return the product in a specified condition to the bottle bank.
A product with a voluntary deposit fee is a specific product or packaging not included among the above products, which is manufactured or placed on the market by the manufacturer voluntarily with the indication ‘returnable’ and the production or placing on the market with this marking has been notified to the national waste management authority.