PL Polen

Methodology of integrated plant production.

Draft methodology of integrated winter and spring wheat production.

The draft of the integrated production methodology shall contain the following information:

1. Introduction
2. Integrated Production legislation and IP certification rules
3. Climate and soil requirements, and site selection
4. Lines of cultivation and selection of wheat varieties in integrated production
5. Pre-sowing tillage and sowing
6. Sustainable wheat fertilisation system
7. Integrated protection against agrophages
8. Biological methods applicable to the integrated protection and production of wheat
9. Protection of useful entomofauna in wheat plantations
10. Methods for limiting the phenomenon of resistance in agrophages of wheat
11. The role of biostimulants in plant protection
12. Appropriate selection of techniques of application of plant protection products
13. Hygienic and sanitary principles
14. Preparation for harvesting, harvest, and post-harvest procedure
15. Development phases of wheat on the BBCH scale
16. Rules for keeping documentation in integrated production and integrated production checklists
17. List of mandatory activities and treatments in integrated wheat production
18. Checklist for agricultural crops
19. Supplementary references