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Detection and extraction of geothermal energy (specific wells used for this purpose)

Regulation of [date], amending the Mining Regulation (amendments related to the adaptation of the geothermal energy detection and extraction authorisation scheme)

The amendment to the Mining Regulation contains the further elaboration of rules on the detection and extraction of geothermal energy as provided for in the Mining Act and the Mining Decree. Articles 1.3b.6(1), and 8.4.10 may contain technical requirements. These articles contain requirements on wells that are drilled or used for detection and extraction. These are rules on a well integrity management system and management plan, rules on the extension of the geothermal well security installation to include certain valves, and rules on how the pumping installation of a geothermal well must be installed in relation to the release of gas in the production of geothermal energy.

The text does not provide a mutual recognition clause because it does not contain any provisions specifically related to domestic products from the Netherlands for which equivalent foreign requirements might apply.