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Remote gambling organisation

Amendment of Act XXXIV of 1991 on gambling operations

The amendment aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Currently, a player may have one balance at a game organiser. It is proposed to introduce multi-player balances and a common player balance to ensure that the balance is linked to the game and not to the player.
2. Lottery (lottery scratch cards) and bookmaker (land) betting not organised as a remote game should be a game that can be organised by the state game organiser.
3. In line with today’s needs, ‘cash out’ would be introduced.
4. A new type of lottery game would be introduced, with a game tax rate of 24% of pure gaming revenue and at least 48% of the prize pool to be used for winnings.
5. A regulation will be made for lotteries and betting that can only be played online, given that there is currently no specific legal requirement for them.
6. A new definition would be given to the concept of lottery ticket, which establishes the link between lottery tickets and e-lottery tickets.