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  • T40T - Stadtverkehr und Strassentransport

The regulations set out exemptions relating to cars and trailers or towed equipment coupled to a car, tractor or motorised machinery, namely with regard to requirements for seats, benches, guardrails and the like.

The Swedish Transport Agency's regulations and general advice on exemptions from provisions concerning passengers in cars, trailers and towed equipment

The regulations set out exemptions in certain cases such that, in certain circumstances, more passengers may travel in vehicles and be positioned differently than would otherwise be permitted. This applies to additional children in passenger cars, additional passengers in older motorhomes and additional passengers in passenger cars during shorter journeys in connection with, for example, parades. Conditions are attached to the exemptions.

The regulations also set out exemptions from provisions concerning the number and position of passengers and requirements for a vehicle fitness inspection for shorter journeys in trucks or trailers or equipment towed by trucks, tractors or motorised machinery. Such journeys shall be in direct connection with school graduation, carnivals or equivalent and conditions are attached. Among other things, there is a requirement for the 'platform' part of the vehicle carrying people to be equipped with a secure guardrail or an equivalent device of sufficient height to prevent passengers from falling off. The general guidelines in this respect are such that the height of the guardrail or equivalent device is considered sufficient if it is at least 110 cm.

The regulations repeal the Swedish Road Administration’s regulations (VVFS 2006:69) on the number of passengers in one vehicle and the Swedish Road Administration’s regulations (VVFS 2007:108) on exemptions from requirements for a vehicle fitness inspection.