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Technical spirits – spirits intended for technical, industrial, medical, scientific or other comparable purposes and are attributable to CN heading 2207 or 2208 in accordance with the wording of the Combined Nomenclature (CN) pursuant to Council Regulation (EEC) No 2658/87 of 23 June 1987 on the tariff and statistical nomenclature and on the Common Customs Tariff in the version of 19 October 1992. Alcoholic preparation – a product containing more than 2.25 % alcohol by volume and not being an alcoholic beverage or technical spirit, nor a medicinal product covered by the Medicinal Products Act (2015:315).

The Public Health Agency of Sweden's regulations and general guidelines on technical spirits and alcoholic preparations

Existing regulations (attached) are repealed and superseded by this draft. Operators selling technical spirits or alcoholic preparations on the Swedish market shall notify this to the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Rules on record-keeping and stocktaking for operators buying and selling technical spirits. Rules on the denaturing of technical spirits and alcoholic preparations. Requirements for sellers of technical spirits to engage accredited inspection bodies for the inspection of their operations.

The draft regulation contains a mutual recognition clause.