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technical requirements for the operation of hydrogen stations

technical requirements for the repair and modernisation of hydrogen stations
types of technical examinations of hydrogen stations
documents to be attached to a request for inspection
fees for carrying out technical examinations
instructions for the operation of hydrogen stations
hydrogen station refuelling dispenser
protection of hydrogen stations

Regulation of the Minister for Climate and the Environment on detailed technical requirements for hydrogen stations

The draft Regulation introduces provisions regarding the operation, modernisation and repair of hydrogen stations, including the mobile ones. In addition, it lays down the responsibilities of hydrogen station operators with regard to the correct operation of the stations and the responsibility for their technical condition. It also specifies the technical requirements for the basic equipment located at a station.

The Regulation also lays down the conditions for the exercise of powers of specific public authorities to monitor the compliance by hydrogen station operators with technical requirements with regard to the stations, the type of technical examinations that they are required to carry out, and the fees charged by the public authorities.