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Certain plastic waste (specifically thermoplastic waste) which is mechanically treated and which, once meeting the end-of-waste criteria defined in the order, will no longer be considered as waste.

Draft Ministerial Order establishing the criteria for determining when plastic waste undergoing mechanical treatment and destined for the manufacture of plastic products ceases to be waste pursuant to Law 7/2022 of 8 April on contaminated waste and soils for a circular economy.

This Ministerial Order, which is valid throughout the territory of the State, lays down the requirements to be met by thermoplastic waste eligible for mechanical treatment, the requirements to be met by such recovery treatments, the quality criteria to be met by the resulting material after the recovery operation in line with the applicable product standards, as well as the procedure for verifying compliance with end-of-waste criteria through management systems. All this for the purpose of mechanically treated thermoplastic waste is no longer considered waste.