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  • S40E - Organische Düngemittel, Klärschlämme

Authorisation of six residual substances that can be traded as fertiliser; authorisation of three residual substances that can be used in fertiliser production; authorisation of a number of substances as end products from treatment processes that can be traded as fertiliser; amendment of the definitions of two residual substances.

Order No WJZ/ 21087170 of the Minister for Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Food Quality of [date] amending the Order implementing the Fertiliser Act in connection with the amendment of Articles 6 and 77, the addition of certain substances to Annex Aa, the amendment of Annexes EA, H, I and M and certain technical amendments

The amendments to Annex Aa may contain technical regulations.

Annex Aa is a list of residual streams, which can be used as fertiliser or as codigestion material. The Decree implementing the Fertilisers Act [Uitvoeringsbesluit Meststoffenwet] sets out general frameworks that these substances must meet for inclusion on this list. The Fertiliser Act Expert Commission [CDM] makes an assessment based on a file submitted by the applicant. After this assessment, the Minister may decide to add a residual substance to Annex Aa.
The text does not include a reciprocity provision. This is because Annex Aa contains a general description of a residual substance, and these residual substances are not subject to any specific national requirements. Thus, a reciprocity provision does not apply here.