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• In 2019, the European Commission published a recommendation that called on each Member State to conduct a national risk assessment on the security of telecoms networks, and to jointly publish an EU-wide risk assessment as well as a risk mitigation toolbox.This was needed, as networks will form the backbone for a wide range of services essential for the functioning of the internal market and the operation of vital societal and economic functions (such as energy, transport, banking and health).

The provisions in the Bill provide certain enabling powers to the Minister to manage risks to electronic communications networks, in line with the recommendations of the EU 5G Security Toolbox.

Part 3 of the Communications Regulation Bill 2022 (as amended in Committee Stage 26 October 2022)

The meaning of a high-risk vendor is set out in the amendments under the section 21. There are four main criteria by which the minister may assess a vendor as being a high-risk vendo: whether the vendor is likely to be subjected to interference by a third country; Whether there is a significant risk that the vendor will not be able to secure supply of critical components; whether the overall quality of those components are inadequate: or that the cybersecurity practices of the vendor are inadequate.