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The activities carried out in Spanish territory by the agents of the food chain are affected, whether they are involved in the production, processing, distribution of food, as well as the hotel and catering industry, other entities and associations for the distribution of donated food and the public administration.

Draft Law on the Prevention of Food Loss and Waste

The draft consists of 19 articles, structured into six chapters.

Chapter I, “General Provisions, incorporates the object of the law and the scope of application.
It also includes definitions of the concepts applicable to the standard and regulates the guiding principles.
One of the essential aspects is the hierarchy of priorities to be applied by the actors in this area, always giving priority to human food use and setting the sequence of priorities to be taken into account in the event that this is not possible.
Chapter II regulates the obligations of the actors in the food supply chain and contains specific mandates for public administrations.
Chapter III regulates the recommendations of public administrations together with businesses selling to final consumers and catering businesses.
Chapter IV contains a mandate to promote the alignment of best-before dates with the prevention of food waste, in the framework of European legislation.
Chapter V provides for instruments for the promotion and control of the reduction and prevention of food loss and waste.
Finally, Chapter VI deals with the system of penalties, typifying infringements and setting out the basic penalties in this area.
It is completed by a final part consisting of an additional provision and three final provisions, which foresee the corresponding provisions on competence, regulatory powers and entry into force, as well as on the coordinated methodology for the quantification of food waste.