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SERV60 - Internet services

Høringsnotat - Forslag til endringer i Prop 220 L (2020-2021) om ny lov om pengespill. DNS-blokkering av nettsider som tilbyr pengespill som ikke har tillatelse i Norge.
("Consultation paper - proposal of changes in Prop 220 L (2020-2021) about a new Act relating to Gambling Games.
DNS-blocking of gambling websites without permission in Norway").

The main points of the proposal presented are:

The Norwegian Gaming Authority ("NGA") is given the authority to order ISPs to implement DNS-blocking of websites that offer gambling games targeting the Norwegian market without permission persuant to the new Gambling Act.
The NGA may only issue such an order if it constitutes a proportional measure in the specific case. In the proportionality assessment, the NGA shall balance the interests in favour of issuing an order against other interests that are affected by such an order, including the interests of the Internet service provider and the owner of the website, as well as the considerations of freedom of information and freedom of expression.
Before an order can be issued, the NGA must establish that the Gambling Act has been violated by proving that the website in question offers gambling services without a license in Norway and that the offer is aimed at the Norwegian market, e.g. by using Norwegian language and currency. Furthermore, before issuing an order of DNS-blocking, the Norwegian Gaming
Authority should have tried to contact the gambling provider directly. If such dialogue does not succeed, or the request is unanswered, the NGA can issue an order of DNS-blocking.
The NGA may determine the content and form of the landing page, i.e. the page that contains information that the website the user has tried to contact, is blocked.