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The regulations applies to small electric vehicles for one person. The vehicles must have a curb weight not exceeding 70 kg (including battery), width not exceeding 85 cm, length not exceeding 120 cm and maximum constructive speed not exceeding 20 km/h. Vehicles without self-balancing technology are not permitted to have a seating position.

In Norwegian: Endring av forskrift 19. februar 1990 nr. 119 om krav til sykkel

In English: Amendment of Regulations on requirements for bicycles

Small electric vehicles as described in this scheme number 6, are classified as "bicycles" and can be used at the same areas as "bicycles".

There are technical requirements concerning the general construction, identification number, brakes, reflector, lights when used in the dark or in invisible weather and audible warning device. Please se the attached regulations for details.