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All buildings for which municipal by-law establishes the obligation to carry out a Building Assessment Report and compulsorily in those municipalities located in the areas designated by HS 6 Appendix B of the Technical Building Code as I and II.

Draft Decree of the Governing Council amending Decree 103/2016 of 24 October 2016 of the Governing Council regulating building assessment reports in the Community of Madrid and creating the Single Integrated Register of Building Assessment Reports in the Community of Madrid

This decree consists of an explanatory part setting out the legislative background, the reasons for the approval of the provision and justification that the proposal is consistent with the principles of good regulation laid down in Article 129 of Law 39/2015 of 1 October 2015.

The decree is structured in a single article. As regards the articles, the intention is to adapt Decree 103/2016 of 24 October 2016 to the new basic requirement introduced in the Basic Health Document, HS 6: Protection against exposure to radon of Royal Decree 732/2019 of 20 December 2019 amending the Technical Building Code (CTE), approved by Royal Decree 314/2006 of 17 March 2006.
A final provision on entry into force is established.