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Construction products, fire-fighting products, electrical equipment, fire or explosive appliances, machinery and equipment

Government Decree No 54/2014 on the National Fire Protection Regulation (XII. 5.) Draft amending Decree No 155/2014 of the Minister for the Interior

The proposal is based on Article 54/2014 of the National Fire Protection Regulation. (XII. 5.) It contains provisions amending Decree No 155/2014 of the Minister for the Interior. The amendments take into account technical progress since the entry into force of the legislation and the fire safety regulations of neighbouring countries with similar construction traditions. The separation of the legal requirements from the applicable solutions will continue, and technical solutions will be removed from the text of the legislation. In addition to a number of minor simplifications and clarifications, the amendments mainly concern the following issues: fire resistance of building structures, fire deposition, heat and smoke evacuation, evacuation, requirements for certain purposes (e.g. industrial, storage buildings).