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The draft regulation covers the ordering directives used within the Energy Performance of Buildings System and the Energy Performance determination method NTA 8800.

Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations amending the 2012 Building Decree Regulation, the Regulation on energy performance of buildings and the Environmental regulations in identifying the updated versions of BRL 9500, BRL 9501 and NTA 8800 in 2022

The present regulation identifies a new version of the energy performance determination method NTA 8800, previously included in the legislation, and new amendments to the versions of three ordering directives, previously included in the legislation. The BRL 9500-U (utility buildings) and 9500-W (dwelling and residential buildings) concern national ordering directives describing certification schemes used by each certification body accredited for this purpose by the Accreditation Board within the Energy Performance of Buildings System. The

BRL 9501 contains the methods for calculating the energy use of buildings.
Articles I to III included may contain technical requirements. The Article 1.3 of the 2012 Building Decree and the Article 1.3 of the Environmental regulations also include a provision for mutual recognition.