SE Schweden
  • C90A - Tier- und Haustierschutz

Animals (Poultry)

Regulations amending the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s regulations and general guidelines (SJVFS 2019:23) on agricultural poultry keeping, etc.

The draft rules contain implementing regulations for keeping poultry.

Chapter 2, Sections 13 and 17 contain provisions on permitted stocking densities and conditions for keeping laying hens and pullets with a higher stocking density than otherwise permitted.
Chapter 4, Section 13 contains, inter alia, rules on the placement of perches for breeding animals in broiler production.
There is harmonised EU legislation in this area through Council Directive 2007/43/EC, Council Directive 1999/74/EC and Council Directive 98/58/EC. Swedish national provisions are set out in Chapter 2, Sections 13 and 17, Chapter 4, Section 13.