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Draft Decree amending Decree No 150/2008 Coll. on the monitoring of the production and circulation of alcohol and on the implementation of other provisions of the Alcohol Act related thereto

The Decree is an implementing regulation of Act No 61/1997 Coll. on alcohol, as amended. In particular, this legislation regulates the method and technical conditions for sealing a distillery's production facilities, the method for measuring and recording the temperatures of alcohol flowing through the measuring instrument, measuring instrument systems and types (conditions for their location, sealing, use), the method and time limits for detecting and calculating the quantity of alcohol produced, the method and technical conditions for the

determination of the quantity of alcohol, the method of surveying the stocks of alcohol, the method of keeping records of production, receipts, stocks and the issue of alcohol, the methods and time limits for verifying the continuous denaturing of alcohol.
The proposed legislation involves technical amendments. The draft also contains changes based on practical experience. This includes, for example, the sealing of production facilities with official seals – a change in the use of official seals (placement of seals) and newly used materials from which they are made (e.g. spun wire instead of twine). The method of disposal of drips and dodges in grower's distilleries, separated oil and wax in fruit distilleries and stillage waters is specified more closely so that the disposal complies with environmental protection laws. The duration for which an alcohol meter can be taken out of use is extended from 30 to 45 days. On the basis of practical requirements, it will be possible to use measuring instruments based on modern measuring principles, which will also include oscillating alcohol meters, when measuring the volumetric concentration of alcohol after they are added to the generic list of specified measuring instruments in the Decree on Metrology.
In terms of user-friendliness and illustration, it is proposed to list in detail the keeping of records in vinegar plants that perform denaturing in-house, broken down by incoming and outgoing non-denatured (pure) alcohol and incoming and outgoing specially denatured alcohol.

Keywords: production of alcohol, equipment for the production of alcohol, method of keeping records of alcohol production, denaturing of alcohol.