DK Dänemark

The Bill amends and adapts the fee models for electronic cigarettes, tobacco surrogates and tobacco products, as well as the possibility of imposing marketing bans on tobacco surrogates that do not comply with Danish legislation.

Bill amending the Act on tobacco products, etc. and the Act on electronic cigarettes, etc. (adaptation of the fee models for products covered by the Act on electronic cigarettes, etc. and the Act on tobacco products, etc.)”

The Bill introduces the legal basis for amending and adapting the fee models for the control and market surveillance of electronic cigarettes, tobacco products and tobacco surrogates. In addition, a legal basis is introduced for the marketing ban on tobacco surrogates if they do not comply with the Danish legislation. In addition, the Bill contains a few corrections compared to previous bills (this is a correction of reference to other acts).

The amount of the fee shall be determined in the form of a notice in a later order.